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1. Admit your gear has a problem.

2. Clean it!

3. Waterproof it!

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Admit your gear may have a problem, most gear needs rehab sooner than you might expect.


Sometimes, just getting clean is enough to get your gear back on the path to success!


Don't just take our word for it! Many gear experts, including product specialists from GORE-TEX®, say to make sure your gear is clean every month.

Gear Rehab Tips:


Nikwax Gear Rehab is a 3 step program to help revitalize dirty, tired,and under-performing gear. We help your gear get another chance at reaching its best performance, keeping you warm dry and comfortable, and your gear out of the landfill.


Nikwax is the global leader in safe, easy to use, high performance waterproofing, cleaning, and conditioning products for outdoor gear.


At Nikwax we do all we can to minimize our impact on the environment and people’s health.  We are the only established outdoor aftercare company to have a completely WaterBased, non-flammable and fluorocarbon (PFC) free range. We have always avoided using PFCs as we believe they are a risk to consumer health and the environment. Read more about our stance on PFCs here.


We can help you rehabilitate your gear!

Use the chart below to find what products you need to rehabiliate your gear.




Fill out the form below and send it to us with a piece of your old gear and we will rehabilitate it for you!

Self Rehab | Follow our 3 steps towards a brighter future for your gear.

Your gear probably has a problem. If you haven't cleaned it in a few months, it's in need of some rehab. Dirt, body oil, sweat, smoke and abrasion will all cause your gear to stop performing at it's best.

Proceed to the next steps to help rehabilitate your gear.

Click on the products to learn more.

Rehab Service | Skeptical? We'll rehab your gear FOR you.

Fill out the form below and mail it back to us with your item to be rehabbed. It's that simple! Read the nitpicky rules here.


Nikwax North America

Gear Rehab

400 N 34th St. Ste 202

Seattle, WA 98103

Rehabbed Gear | Patient success stories

Rules & Restrictions | Yeah, we have them.

Please, only send us one piece of gear per person per year.


Please do not send us tents, or huge items like yurts, boat covers, couches, etc. If you have questions about how to rehab any  gear, big or small, call us, email us, tweet us, facebook us, etc. We will help you out!


You must include a rehab form with any gear you send. We cannot rehab your gear without the form. We need to know how to get in touch with you!


By sending us your gear, you authorize Nikwax to use it’s likeness (and yours- if applicable) in Nikwax promotions. You also authorize Nikwax to use your contact info to occasionally send you fun things to read and whatnot.


You will be responsible for the cost of shipping your gear to us. We will pay for its return voyage.


Please allow us up to three "rehab weeks" from when we receive your gear.


We will do our very best to rehabilitate your gear. That being said, some gear is past saving with Nikwax alone. We will not be able to rehabilitate shoes with holes or worn out soles, delaminating jackets, ripped items, broken zippers, and so forth. However, we do know some great gear experts who can sometimes help with some of these things.  For your cobbling needs, get in touch with Dave Page.


While we are able to rehabilitate most types of gear, there are some that are unable to be effectively cleaned and waterproofed. These include: rubber & Tyvek rain suits, rubber boots, plastic items, etc. If you have questions about your gear, send us a picture!


We do not make ski and snowboard wax, so please do not send us your skis and snowboards.




(800) 563-3057


400 N. 34 St, ste 202

Seattle, WA 98103